Linguistic Communities
Did you start learning Japanese at Middlebury? *
What level are you currently in? *
Have you lived in the J-House in the past? *
Have you ever lived or studied abroad in Japan? *
How often do you mix English and Japanese when you are speaking to other Japanese learners outside of class/Language Tables/J-house? *
In what situations would you mix languages? Do you ever use both languages in the same sentence?
Do you use suffix honorifics when speaking in English to other members of the Japanese learning community? *
If yes, please elaborate on which suffixes you use and when.
Is there a difference in the way you speak English when you are speaking to Japanese learners? *
If yes, in what way?
When speaking casually outside of class, how often do you use plain form rather than masu-form? *
Are there any terms or phrases that you believe are unique to the Middlebury community of Japanese learners? *
Can you think of any groups within the Middlebury community of Japanese learners that has its own specific way of speaking? *
If so, can you describe the group and give an example of their language use? Do you think you belong to that group?
Has learning Japanese affected the way you think? In what ways?
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