Farmers Market Customer Survey
Which farmers market do you most often patronize?
How often do you go to this farmers market? *
How much have you spent, or might you spend, at the farmers market in a typical visit? *
Did you or will you use your Debit, Credit, or SNAP card at the farmers market this season? *
Was the Market Manager or volunteer at the table friendly and helpful when you swiped your card?
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Is the farmers market your primary reason for coming to this area of town? *
Do you plan on doing additional shopping or eating while in the area of the farmers market? *
Would you have visited businesses in the area of the farmers market if you had not come to the market?
There are a wide range of factors that people consider when buying food, including factors such as price and quality and the more recent concerns about food safety and fair trade. We'd like to know how important the following factors are to you *
Not important
Somewhat important
Very Important
No Opinion
In season (fresh)
Grown or produced locally (within 60 miles)
Grown or produced by someone you know
Organic certified
Natural but not certified (wild, not sprayed, etc.)
Would there be a more suitable time frame which would allow you to come to the farmers market on a more regular basis?
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How is the farmers market a community hub? Who do you engage with at the market? Stories are encouraged.
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Thank you!
Thank you for participating in our farmers market survey.

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