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What sets OCRFC apart is our ability and willingness to help others, often asking for nothing in return. There are a wealth of skills and experience within the membership base that really isn't tapped into enough, and at times like these, we think it's crucial to be able to help one another and reach out to those within our fraternity when we do need a hand with something.

With this in mind, the OCRFC Business Directory was born. This will work in two ways:

1. The form below is essentially an audit of the whole host of skills and backgrounds we have within the club. Would you be willing to help the club out if (for example) you're a plumber and the showers stopped working? Are you retired/out of work and willing to donate some time to help out at the club perhaps?

2. By filling in the form below, your business will be signed up to the OCRFC Business Directory - a section of the website where members will be able to filter for businesses that they require at that point in time. By offering to help the club FOC, your business will be put at the top of the list and eligible for added exposure via social media.
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