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Bridge Church is what it is because people like you join the team and make BC a place where people can connect with others and with God. Thank you for choosing to join the team and take ownership of the place we love!
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Our goal is to make sure that you find the best possible fit at Bridge Church where you can leverage who you are alongside others for God's glory. This section will help us make sure we get you plugged in to the right spot.
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For those who have completed First Track, what is your DISC personality type:
For those who have completed First Track, what are your top three Spiritual Gifts?
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Areas of Service
Please check 3 boxes total of roles that you think you would like to serve in.
Bridge Groups Team
Bridge Kids
Cafe Team
First Look Team (Facilities)
First Impressions Team
Hispanic Service Team
Marriage Mentors Team
Men's Ministry Team
Nursing Home Team
Prayer Team
Student Ministry Team
Women's Ministry Team (1 Sisterhood)
Worship and Tech Team
Please contact me.
We are committed to making sure that Bridge Church is a safe environment for people to connect with others and with God. Know that we also believe that the church is a place of healing and restoration for people from all walks of life. Your answers to these questions won't become public knowledge and don't necessarily disqualify you from service in ministry. But it is vital that our leadership knows those on our teams so we can keep all parties safe and take the best possible care of our team members.
Has anyone ever brought a civil/criminal claim against you alleging physical or sexual abuse? *
Have you ever been charged, arrested, or convicted of a felony or misdemeanor? *
Have you ever terminated your employment or had your employment terminated or has your employer ever reprimanded you for reasons relating to allegations of physical or sexual abuse or sexual harassment by you? *
Is there anything in your past or present that might create a question in the minds of others about whether you should be involved in a leadership role at BC? (Any addictions or habits that could possibly misrepresent Christ or BC- for example: drugs, alcohol, tobacco, pornography?) These aren't necessarily disqualifiers from service, but these are areas we would like to be aware of before you serve. *
If yes, please explain:
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Have you ever been removed from a ministry position? *
Do you consent to running a background check? *
Is there anything you would like to make us aware of before we run the background check?
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