MIT GOV/LAB Suggestion Box

We want to have an open conversation about what's working and also what's not working so that we can learn and do our work better. Suggestions can be submitted anonymously.
What is the purpose of the suggestion box?
The suggestion box is a mechanism to collect any comments, suggestions, ideas, or grievances related to MIT GOV/LAB. This initiative is part of our action plan to support anti-racism and Black lives ( and we particularly welcome your thoughts and suggestions on how we can make progress towards our commitment.

**Who can submit?**

Anyone is welcome to submit. This broadly includes anyone that comes into contact with our work both at MIT and beyond, including academic networks, practitioner partners, donors, and the broader governance community.

**How will responses be reviewed?**

The suggestion box will be checked monthly by core staff and discussed during the regular core team meetings. Comments will be aggregated and reported to the larger lab team once a semester. We will also plan to share the types of comments we receive and our responses on our website once a year. Lastly, we will invite MIT's Community and Equity Office to review our process and contents of the suggestion box annually.

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