MBS Teacher Application 2016-2017
Please complete this form as throughly as possible. You may fill out the questions here, or retype and resend to Stephanie Degonda at academicdirector@mayatanfoundation.org. Phone interviews via Skype or Whatsapp will be conducted following the submission of your application.
Email address
Full Name
Passport Number and Country
Date of Birth (m/d/y)
Phone Number
How did you hear about teaching at Mayatan?
Are you a certified teacher?
Area(s) of certification
Other certifications (TOFL, First Aid)
Do you speak Spanish? (Spanish is NOT a requirement to teach at Mayatan)
If so, what is your proficiency level?
Indicate your preference(s) for placement
Indicate your preference(s) for subject area(s)
Indicate if you have had prior experience with the following (not required to have experience with all)
Have you studied or lived abroad before? (Outside of Central America)
If so, where and for how long?
Have you ever traveled to or lived in Central America?
If so, where and for how long?
Short Response Questions: Instructional Design and Methods
Please limit your response to 100-200 words.
Describe your prior experience working with children or adolescents and/or teaching in a classroom or informal experience (coaching, tutoring, etc.)
Describe your teaching philosophy and style. What do you believe about your students? How do you carry out your instruction according to these beliefs?
Do you have experience teaching students in a language other than their first? What are some methods you use or will use to make content comprehensible for your students?
How will you meet the needs of learners that are performing below or above grade level?
Describe your classroom management style. What are your expectations for student behavior and performance? How do or will you deal with students that demonstrate consistent behavior problems? How do you motivate students to meet your expectations?
Do you consider yourself to be a team player? Explain how you work or will work with other school staff (administration, teachers, assistants) foreign and Honduran.
Short Response Questions: Personality
Please limit your response to 100-200 words.
Describe your personality. Are you an introvert or extravert? Do you like to have many friends or few? Are you adventurous or cautious? Do you like change or consistency?
Describe your current living and working arrangements.
How well do you manage stress? Are you able to handle multiple responsibilities, observe deadlines, respond to last minute changes, improvise, adapt to different living and working conditions, etc.? How do you alleviate stress? How will you manage your stress while at Mayatan?
In leaving home and moving to Copan, what do you anticipate to be your biggest challenge? This may relate to living abroad and/or teaching at Mayatan.
Do your have any special needs or considerations that we should know about, or any other information that you would like to share?
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