#TRUPOTENTIAL Coaching Application
Hi Love!!!

I'm SO happy you're here and you followed your heart about joining TEAM #TRU, and want to say YES to achieving your TRU POTENTIAL!!!

OK so I totally had a JOURNEY with fitness and health, through Shakeology and BB Workouts, that eventually led me to this opportunity of coaching, but I was dumb for a few years and did not realize!!! BUT guess what, saying YES, I'll TRY, led me to QUIT my full time CORPORATE career, and this has been a journey all in itself- and if you hate that word, then think about it as an AWESOME RIDE!!!!

If you clicked this link, then that means you have interest, you've been watching me, you understand that I am working towards a GREATER VISION for my life, and that everything WORTH HAVING, is worth working for!!!!!

SO don't HESITATE for one second, and OVERTHINK that you are saying YES to YOU, yes to your health, yes to your fitness, yes to your opportunities in life, yes to new friends, yes to lasting relationships, yes to untapped POTENTIAL..if that's what you want for yourself, and your family!

I'm am extremely passionate about downloading this opportunity to other women's lives, and watching them transform their futures. I TRULY KNOW that if I can do it, SO CAN YOU! And I'll show you HOW.

My goal is to HELP 15 coaches per month, so that everyone is receiving my attention and effort equally. I want to provide you with the best training possible, to help you SKIP the stuff thats FLUFF, and to guide you in the right direction toward making all of your health, fitness, and financial goals come true!

Please fill out this application so I can get to know YOU, your passions, interests, and what drives you. We'll chat shortly after that about how you can start living the TRU LIFESTYLE and start paying it forward through your STORY, LIFE and utilizing the amazingly FREE tools of SOCIAL MEDIA!!!!

Yours TRULY,


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