Education for Sustainability - Future Planning
Please take 5-10 mins to reflect on past achievements and share ideas for the future of EfS Tasmania.
A bit about your involvement with EfS Tasmania
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Reflections on past activity
Take a moment now to reflect on your sustainability experiences in 2017.
What was the sustainability highlight for you in 2017 and why? *
What did the EfS Tasmania network do well in 2017? *
What did not work so well for EfS Tasmania in 2017? *
Future planning
You most likely know of upcoming events/dates or have ideas for activities. This can be anything about sustainability... by anyone... anywhere... we just want to know about it!
Please share your vision or aspiration for EfS Tasmania into the future.
What projects would you like to see supported or enacted by EfS Tasmania in 2018? *
You can upload more project information here if you like.
Please share dates and details of known sustainability events and activities in 2018. Or you can add events directly to the EfS Tasmania Google Calendar. *
What opportunities do you see for EfS Tasmania in 2018? *
What challenges do you see for EfS Tasmania in 2018? *
Anything else to share?
Still got more?
If you need more room here is a link to a Google Doc where you can drop in your information. Link will open in a new window.

Don't forget to check out and the fabulous projects that have been endorsed and more...

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