A church which enables all of God's people, lay and clergy, to play their part in decision making and governance of the local church.
This survey asks you to consider a number of STATEMENTS, (issues that have been raised as important by people throughout the diocese), and PROPOSALS for ACTION put forward by people from across the diocese as practical ways for the church to develop.
The Statements and Proposals that are voted on by the Synod in June 2021 will be adopted and must be enacted by the Archbishop and the diocese.

Our role as Synod Members is to discern which of the proposals and statements best represent the parishioners’ views and hopes about how we can become the church we are called to be. As we are only allowed to submit a limited number of proposals from all the questionnaires, you can only select one option for each question, though there is an option to add a brief comment or indicate a second option. These extra comments will be a valuable prat of the discernment process.

All responses are anonymous - we will not know the name or email address of those who submit. However, we do need to know which parish you are in, as our role is to discern the views of the parish we represent. This field is the only one you need to fill in - all others are optional. If you wish to be kept in touch about the results, or would like to be contacted about parish developments relating to the Synod, please fill in your name and contact details.

Please note: the proposals are limited to those areas that the Synod has the authority to act upon. There are areas that were raised by many people, that are beyond the remit of the Synod, but all Synod members will receive a report of these issues and there will be adequate time to reflect on and respond to them and a report will be sent to the Bishops' Conference in Rome.

The numbers next to each of the proposals (e.g. 1.2, 1.8) refer to the numbers given to the proposal in the Summary of Proposals produced by the Synod Office. You can view all the proposals at synod2020.co.uk/proposals), or follow the links to the other questionnaires.
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