2019-2020 Spring Semester Student Course Evaluation
• This evaluation is part of our continuous effort to maintain academic and administrative quality.
• Please note that the results of this evaluation will be available to the instructor only AFTER final course grades have been submitted.
• We take your answers seriously, and we hope you will also take this survey seriously.
• Please write your comments at the end as well.

Thank you for participating in this evaluation.
A. Course evaluation ITEC102 Introduction to Information Technology II (Letter A stands for “Strongly Agree” and letter F for “Strongly Disagree”.) *
1. Course outline matches course objectives and requirements of the course
2. All topics indicated in the course outline are covered
3. Assignments and homeworks lower the topics indicatd in the course outline
4. Instructional materials (lecture notes, reading materials, audio-visual materials, etc.) are useful for learning
5. Instructional activities (lectures, labs, tutorials, etc.) help learning
6. Level of difficulty of the course material is reasonable
7. Volume of the work required in the course is reasonable
8. The value of the overall learning experience through online teaching was…
B. The instructor Mobina Beheshti (Letter A stands for “Strongly Agree” and letter F for “Strongly Disagree”.) *
1. Follows the plan for the course as written in the course outline
2. Explains the grading system clearly, i.e. weights and content of each assessment
3. Explains the aims of each topic before lecturing
4. Is accessible to students after class hours through WhatsApp or e-mail.
5. Speaks in a manner that is easy to understand
6. Encourages students to ask questions
7. Comes to class in time (not late)
8. Does not leave the class early, i.e. uses all the time indicated in the program
9. Is always prepared for the lesson s/he teaches
10. Goes over the points again to ensure that students understand the lesson
11. Gives examinations that cover the topics lectured in the class
12. Evaluates and returns exams and assignments in time
13. Gives assignments and exams that are reasonable in length and difficulty
14. Grades exam papers, homework and projects fairly and impartially
15. The overall teaching effectiveness of the instructor was…
1. What do you like best about this course? *
2. What would you like to change about the course? *
3. What are the instructor's strengths (good aspects)? *
4. What suggestions do you have to improve the instructor's teaching? *
5. Other comments *
C. To what extent do you think you have achieved the below course learning outcomes? (Letter A stands for “Strongly Agree” and letter F for “Strongly Disagree”.) *
Information technologies and systems hardware, software, and networks
Identifying various types of IT hardware and software and related technologies
Using IT for personal and business productivity
Information systems and productivity
Recognizing the various applications of IT in our personal, social, and business lives.
IT and its effects on our personal, social, and business lives
D. Self-Reflection (Letter A stands for “Strongly Agree” and letter F for “Strongly Disagree”.) *
1. How do you grade your attendance to this course?
2. Was your English sufficient to follow the course?
3. What is your current Grade Point Average (GPA)?
4. What is your expected grade in this course?
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