FBL 2019 Con-Ops Volunteer Application [EN]
This form concerns applications to help the smooth running of the FBL as a volunteer for the 2019 edition. All applications will be studied by the staff of the FBL. If your application holds our interest, we will contact you shortly using the address you need to fill in. This address is only collected for this one purpose.

If your application is accepted, you will join the FBL Crew which brings together all the volunteers from all departments of the FBL.

Any question about your application ? Mail us at : conops@fblacklight.org

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Please use the nickname you gave us during your FBL 2019 registration.
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Your badge number: *
Your badge number must be filled in, it must be valid and it must be your FBL 2019 attendee number. You must register for FBL 2019 to apply.
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In which area(s) do you want to help the FBL's cons-ops department? *
What languages ​​do you speak? *
Why do you want to join the volunteers of the FBL? *
Describe as much as possible your motivations and tell us what kind of help do you want to bring tfor the FBL.
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Can you confirm now your availability from October 30 to November 3, 2019? *
The FBL team members must be available from the first to the last day of the convention to prepare and arrange the rooms, activities and offices of the FBL as well as to take part in the briefings and debriefings (mandatory).
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