Adoption Application
Adoption Eligibility Requirements:
1. Be 18 years of age or older
2. Have identification showing your current address
3. Expressed permission of property owner
Which animal are you interested in? *
Name: First and Last *
Street Address *
City, State, Zipcode *
Phone Number(s): Add home, cell & work if applicable *
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Housing *
If Renting: Provide Landlord Name and Phone Number *
Do you plan to move in the next year? If yes, please explain what you will do with the animal. *
How many people live in your household? *
Number and Ages of any children under 13: *
Does anyone in the home have known animal allergies? If yes, please explain. *
Who will be responsible for care of this animal? *
Have you turned an animal into a shelter before? If yes, for what reason? *
Are you currently employed? *
Are you aware that proper veterinary care can be expensive? *
Do you have a veterinarian in mind for your new pet? If so, please let us know which one. *
Please list the animals currently residing in your home including their species (dog, cat, rabbit, etc.), their name, M/F, Spayed/Neutered and where the animal is kept (Indoor/Outdoor/Both). *
In most cases, it will take up to two weeks for your pet to adjust to their new home. Are you willing to allow time for your new pet to adjust? *
Are you prepared for a ten to fifteen year commitment with your new pet? *
If unable to keep your pet at any time, do you agree to contact the SPCA before the animal leaves your custody? *
How many hours a day will your pet be left alone? *
Do you plan to having the pet Spayed/Neutered? If no, please explain: *
Cat/Kitten Section:
Answer only if adopting a Cat/Kitten: If adopting a dog write "N/A" and continue to Dog/Puppy Section.
What is the reason you are adopting this animal? *
How would you handle the following:
Flea Infestation: *
Scratching up furniture? *
Accidents due to litter box issues? *
Where will this animal be kept? *
Do you plan to declaw? *
Answer these questions if you are adopting a dog or puppy. If not, write N/A.
What is the reason you are adopting this animal? *
Answer the following questions on how you would handle each situation:
Flea infestations? *
Chewing? *
Accidents due to not being house broken? *
What do you know about heartworm prevention and treatment? *
Where will this animal be kept? If outdoor, what kind of shelter and confinement will be provided? *
I certify that all information provided is true and grant permission to the SPCA of NENC to contact my landlord, veterinarian or local animal control to verify information. I understand that the SPCA has the right to refuse adoption for any reason. *
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