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Description of Life Together Groups (English below)
Los grupos "Life Together" o Convivencia son intencionalmente diversos (al menos 50% personas de color). Son grupos de personas quienes se comparten sus historias de la vida. No hay un libro que leer ni un plan de estudios, sino que nuestras vidas son la base de nuestra conversación--el "texto sagrado." New City coordina grupos Convivencia porque creemos que sirven como "entrenamientos para amar" para que la gente se conozca a través de las diferencias: el grupo es abierto a toda persona independientemente de su identidad religiosa.

Cada semana se enfoca en aprender sobre una persona específica del grupo. Esa persona compartirá su propia historia, con la profundidad y enfoque que quiera él/ella, y después los demás presentes le darán preguntas más allá para comprenderlo mejor, luego afirmarán directamente a la que compartió su historia.

"Convivencia" llamamos los grupos Life Together que se componen de al menos 50% hispanohablantes nativos y los demás ingleshablantes nativos. Un intérprete ayudará a facilitar la conversación; todos niveles de idioma son bienvenidos.

Para integrarse con el grupo, por favor marque "Convivencia" abajo, y asegúrese de no perder más de dos reuniones del grupo.

Life Together groups are intentionally diverse circles of people who come together to share facets of our life stories as they relate to particular dimensions of our identity. There is no "curriculum;" rather, we consider our lives the 'sacred text'. New City coordinates Life Together groups because we believe it is a crucial component of love training, building deeper community across difference.

Structure: each week will focus on learning specifically about one person. That person will share their own story (as much of it as they feel comfortable sharing), followed by questions from the group, then the group offers affirmations to the sharer. All faiths are welcome to attend.

Convivencia is the bilingual version of Life Together groups, with at least 50% native Spanish speakers and the remaining native English speakers. Translators will help facilitate and all language levels are welcome.

The Parents group uses the same story-sharing model, but is specifically for parents looking to find and offer support to other parents.

The Deconstructing Evangelical Purity Culture group is for folks looking to heal and build relationships with others coming out of purity culture. We will use the same story-sharing model as all of our Life Together groups, but our sharing will focus specifically on how our relationships with our bodies and sexuality have been impacted by purity teachings in the church.

The LGBTQ+ Life Together group uses the same story-sharing model as all of our groups and is particularly for all those who identify as LGBTQ+.

Wrestling with Doubt/Faith is a story-sharing group particularly for folks who would like a safe place to share about their faith journey and the doubts/questions they have experienced along the way.

Our discipleship group is distinct in that it is a group of 5-6 people who meet together for just one hour each week for three months to support and hold one another mutually accountable in faith practice. Each week, the group will spend time sharing a brief devotional, check in on how each member has practiced following the teachings of Jesus in their daily lives, and pray for one another.

We ask that you commit to attend the first meeting and to miss no more than two subsequent gatherings.
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