What Hypnotherapy is and is not
There are some misconceptions of what hypnosis and hypnotherapy is and I would like to share with you what hypnotherapy is in order to support you in a gentle and healing manner. Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness much like when you are drifting off to sleep, watching a movie you really enjoy, playing a video game, or when you are driving a familiar route, time passes, and you do not realize it. 

While awake and alert, your brain waves operate at a Beta wave state. Once your body relaxes and you close your eyes, your brain waves slow down to an 'Alpha / Theta' state. This is called 'trance' and where hypnosis takes place. You will be aware of what you say or do in this state of trance. The beauty is, your subconscious mind can be accessed here, and much work can be accomplished.

In hypnosis, people are deeply relaxed, and their conscious minds are no longer filtering what is heard or seen. When the conscious mind is stilled, the subconscious mind (some refer to it 'spirit' or 'higher self') is receptive to positive, helpful suggestions. The subconscious mind does not sleep and remembers everything. Fears and beliefs are often hidden from us in our subconscious mind and become an automatic way of being.; responding to life's experiences. 

Hypnotherapy & Adults: In hypnosis (trance), people cannot be directed to disclose secrets or do anything against their values or do anything against their best interests. Deep rooted fears and beliefs, that were developed in childhood, perhaps were helpful in the past as a child. However, as an adult, the subconscious mind does not understand time, and that you were a child many decades ago. As a result, it will respond in ways to protect you because it does not understand that this particular threat was something you experienced in childhood. This response often gets in the way of living a mindful productive life as an adult. 

Hypnotherapy & Children: You do not need to wait to be an adult to experience positive results from hypnotherapy. Many children do not understand context of situations until around ages 9-10 years. As a result, an event could happen, the child does not fully understand what went on but will start to develop a belief about the event. This belief will often create a fear, bodily response such as anxiety, lack of confidence, etc. and will be experienced whenever the child is in a similar situation.  

Hypnotherapy is gentle, it works beautifully with children and adults. With the use of metaphors and storytelling, the subconscious mind is ready to make necessary changes in a child's/adult's interpretation of events that were merely interpretations that may have caused so much unnecessary distress. Or perhaps if there are direct events where the interpretation is spot on, hypnotherapy provides the opportunity to bless, release and transform the experience and take on suggestions on how you would like to feel and be moving forward.

Most people feel relaxed, at peace and maybe a bit drowsy while in trance. Everyone can be hypnotised if they want to be. The goal as a Hypnotherapist is to guide you into trance and support you to remain in an Alpha-Theta brain wave state. You can get up during our session and use the facilities, talk, etc. You will have a lot of control over your experience.

Hypnotherapy is not stage hypnotherapy. People who provide entertainment for a Stage Hypnotherapist are rare as they can often go easily into a somnambulist state. They are also very open and willing to provide whatever entertainment the stage hypnotist is wanting to stage. The Stage Hypnotherapist has methods to determine at the start of each performance, who would best suit this role, and who is willing to entertain.

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