Your Pick-Up Experience
We want to hear from you! At the Weber ReStore, we appreciate our customers and donors who have invested time to help us thrive in our mission. To help us become a better and successful Habitat ReStore, we would like to know about your donor experience when we came to pick-up your donations. There are 3 sections to this survey, 2 of which you may opt out of.

At the end of the short survey, you may opt out of the demographics portion of the survey. You have the option to add your contact information if you would like to receive a $5 coupon towards the Weber ReStore (one per email). This coupon expires 30 days after you submit your survey and will be sent to your email.
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How was your overall experience?
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When scheduling a pick-up, was the ReStore representative courteous (e.g. polite, respectful, etc.) and informative (e.g. explained acceptable donations, knew scheduling availabilities, etc.?
Not at All
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Did the Ogden ReStore staff come for donations during the scheduled time-frame?
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When your items were picked up, how was your experience with the ReStore staff?
Did you receive a donation receipt?
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How likely are you to donate to Habitat Ogden ReStore again?
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Highly likely
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Please provide any additional comments about your donation experience with the ReStore and how we may improve your donor experience?
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