Marshfield 2018 Instrument Registration Form

*Instrument assignments will be given at rental/info night or directly by Ms. Varonko or Mr. Canzano.

*BAND students and parents-Please attend our information/rental night. Wednesday September 19, 7:00 at MHS Cafe.

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Very Important- Most info throughout the year is communicated via email.
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**Some instruments may not be fit for student use. Please ASK Mr. Canzano or Ms. Varonko before you rent or purchase from a vendor other than GOULET or ACOUSTIC STRINGS (ASNE).
Instrument 1st Choice *
Choices 1-4 are strings, all others are band. Students may be assigned any of their three choices. Balanced instrumentation is critical to both your child's educational experience and our instrumental music program throughout the grades.
Instrument 2nd Choice *
MUST be different from 1st choice. If you picked one of the saxophones for 1st choice, you MAY NOT pick a saxophone for your 2nd or 3rd choice.
Instrument 3rd Choice *
MUST be different from first two choices. If you picked one of the saxophones for 1st or 2nd choice, you MAY NOT pick a saxophone for your 3rd choice.
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