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Register as an official listener of NLive and take part in competitions, get special offers, and get birthday greetings on air. We will ask your views on programming and you may be invited to participate in shows.
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Official NLive listeners belong to one of four houses and can win housepoints in various ways such as coming on air or completing mini-challenges. Top point scorers can win NLive treats and go down in history as House Heroes. Listen out for on air updates about which house is leading the challenge and who the latest House Heroes are.
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By providing the above information you agree that the radio station can use this information to contact you to ask your opinion about programming and content from NLive, to invite you to take part in that programming, to update you on news about the station and the listener registration scheme and to hear about special offers, benefits and competitions that you may wish to take part. If you object to the radio station using your information for the reasons listed you are unable to participate. If you do sign up and later change your mind you can let us know by contacting and your details will be removed.
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