Tacoma Historical Society - be a guest speaker!
Tacoma Historical Society is recruiting speakers from our community on topics relating to the history of our city, with a specific focus on under-represented neighborhoods and populations.

Presentations proposed here may be selected for our monthly speaker series, for events sponsored in partnership with Tacoma Public Library, or for virtual events.

If you would like to talk with us about the possibility of giving a guest presentation, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch! If you have any questions, please contact our Managing Director, Michael Lafreniere, at director@tacomahistory.org.
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Proposed topic idea(s) for a guest presentation. Please include a description of which neighborhoods and/or populations would be represented in your presentation. *
Describe your connection to the topic(s) you are proposing. For example: do you live in this neighborhood; is it research into your ancestry; did you conduct this research as a student? *
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