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The DC416 team over the last few months has worked on a program that will bring the community together and help individuals develop a new skillset of their choice alongside seasoned experts in the field.

Here are a few reasons why we decided to do this:

* Learn
* Network
* Work on awesome projects
* Provide guidance
* Build a team/family
* Keeping the community active
* Have a great time while doing all that

Tribes are are the number one place to go to for shared focused energy, and passion on any given subject matter. Whether that be radio frequency analysis, social engineering or car hacking – these tribes exist to further promote the core values that all of us here at DC416 share: to connect, socialize, learn, teach and do awesome things.


SOCENG - The tribe for social engineers and human hackers.
In this tribe, you will study and practice the art of manipulation with the goal of having people perform certain actions or divulging confidential information. Master the arts of acting, attraction, reciprocation, authority, baiting, phishing, and even some counter-intelligence measures.

RFCOMM - The tribe for HAM operators and wireless sharks.
In this tribe, there is a special focus on wireless technology across the entire radio frequency spectrum. Learn how to breach Wi-Fi routers, hack Bluetooth devices and listen to the airwaves.

RESIGINT - The tribe for spies and scouts.
In this tribe, you will learn one of the most vital roles in reconnaissance by collecting, processing, and reporting intelligence information derived and extracted from a breadth of open and covert data sources.

ELECTROMECH - The tribe for engineers and handy hackers.
In this tribe, you will work directly with automated systems and cutting-edge mechatronic applications. Typical projects involve robotics, drone engineering, PCB design and tool development.

WEBNET - The tribe for web application and network hackers.
In this tribe, individuals will study the tools and techniques required to exploit web applications. You will also learn and apply network-level attacks & techniques such as "man-in-the-middle" attacks and sinkholes.

VULNEX - The tribe for vulnerability hunters and exploit developers.
In this tribe, researchers will learn about the wide variety of vulnerabilities in software as well as how to hunt for them. Learn how to fuzz, reverse-engineer, write reports and proof-of-concepts for your exploits.

LOCKPHY - The tribe for lock and chain breakers.
In this tribe, hackers will learn how to put physical security controls to the test. Research methods to pick locks and bypass doors, as well as how to circumvent other controls like cameras, biometric scanners and lasers.

CRYPTOPRI - The tribe for those who hide in the shadows and protect secrets.
In this tribe, you will learn about cryptography and how to apply it to build more secure systems & hide secrets. Learn about ciphers, protocols. steganography and more.

For more information please contact DEFCON Toronto at:

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I would like to apply to be registered in the DEFCON Toronto Mentoring Program with the objective of being paired with another member of DEFCON Toronto. I understand that placement with a mentor will depend on the availability of volunteers. I confirm that I am an eligible member/student member of the DEFCON Toronto Community, or a post-secondary student.
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Scripting and automation
Traffic analysis
Operating system internals
Intrusion detection/prevention systems
Forensic analysis
HAM radio
Stage/performance acting
Private investigation
Threat intelligence
Lock picking
PCB design
Circuit analysis
CAD design
Drone piloting
Web development
Burp suite
CORE impact
Reverse engineering
Binary analysis
Applied cryptography
Protocol design
Secure software development
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