1:1 Mentorship Application Form
Hi beauty, I'm thrilled you're curious about exploring 1:1 Mentorship with me.

In order to get an idea of how we'd work together, I'd love for you to fill out this form so that I can feel into what you're looking for & how I might best be able to support you.

But first - I want you to know that you are already a Sovereign Womxn. You are already everything you need & want, you just might have forgotten it. You might just need a reminding, a re-connecting. The way I work is that I don't "fix" or "heal" - I offer tools and practices to guide you back to your inner knowing, your inner wisdom. That way this process & experience is empowering, not dis-empowering for you.

The sessions & our intimate container together puts YOU at the centre, for self-empowerment & radical transformation. We dive deep & I only work with womxn who are aligned with myself & the ways in which I work, and who I believe are ready for this commitment.

The below questions will give me a feel into you - so please don't hold back! The more I can know about you the better. After you've filled this out, I'll be in touch to schedule a Connection Call if I believe we're a good fit.

Fiona x
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What do you wish to be able to transform or re-connect to whilst working with me? *
What's the biggest struggle in your life right now? Where do you feel stuck and crave change? *
What of which I guide resonates with you the most, the rewilding, sensual / sexual liberation & expression, embodiment, empowerment, menstrual cycle awareness, speaking your truth, stepping into your fullness....? *
What do you feel are the biggest areas of resistance, confusion or frustration within your life right now and WHY? What can I help you overcome? *
Where do you want to be / What do you want to feel in 6 months? What about a year? And what about 5 years? Tell me about your vision & intentions. *
If anything was possible right now, how would you feel, how would your life look like? *
What makes you believe that I am the right person to support you? *
Are you ready for the energy & time commitment for an immersive Mentoring relationship? *
The investment for working with me in a 1:1 Mentorship capacity starts at £1200 for a minimum of three months (payment plans available). Are you ready to self invest into your growth, transformation and wild potential? *
Please provide any additional information about your current situation, your relationship to your body, relationship status/family etc, your health, your energy levels, and any further info you feel would be beneficial to share. *
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