Illinois Democrats: Zero women are running for governor. What's your plan to support women leaders in our state?
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We are disturbed that of all the Democratic candidates running for Illinois governor, zero are women. Zero.

Of these eight straight, cisgender men, six are white. This is a problem.

Make no mistake: We will fight like hell to elect whichever candidate wins the Democratic nomination, because no one could be more harmful for Illinois women than Bruce Rauner. But it is time to acknowledge the obstacles hindering women from running for office in our state--from the overwhelming presence of big money in elections to a lack of leadership from the Democratic Party in recruiting and training women and people of color to run.

So, Democratic Party leaders: What is your plan to address the hurdles keeping women, and especially women of color, from advancing in elected office in Illinois? We commit to fighting for those needed changes from the grassroots level.

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