Women's Weekend Contributor Registration
Thank you for your interest in offering your services at the Women's Retreat Weekend! At this point in time our program is complete. If you are interested in offering services, please contact us first prior to completing the form -call camp (603)569-3475 or email adminCB@campbelknap.org to discuss an opening or opportunity.

1) Please complete this online form ONLY if you are interested in offering an individual service or group activity (or both) for the retreat.

o Group activities range from, but are not limited to, yoga, sports, art sessions, meditation, health workshops, sports, creative writing and more. These sessions are usually 1 to 1.5 hours in length but can be longer. Majority of the time the group size ranges from 5-30. In past years there are ~75 attendees for the weekend but multiple programs run at one time. Attendees generally do not sign up (unless limited equipment).

o Individual services range from, but are not limited to, massage, facials, Reiki, acupuncture, spa treatments and more. You provide a sign-up sheet and individuals will sign up during the retreat for a time slot. You are responsible for pricing and collecting payment for your service. We ask you make your prices discounted for all to enjoy!

3) There is no charge to lead a workshop or to offer your services to an individual. You will receive a registration discount dependent on the services offered.

4) Please complete this form by April 15th and sooner for best chance of acceptance.

5) Once this form has been completed and returned to Camp Belknap, camp will contact you to finalize your spot on the schedule and registration discount. Completing this form does not guarantee your spot as a contributor in the program.

6) You do NOT need to complete the registration form as a participant as that information will also be collected in this form.

*Please make sure you click "submit" prior to leaving the page. Information will not be saved unless you submit the application.
If you have any questions completing this or about the weekend, please email adminCB@campbelknap.org or call (603) 569-3475.

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