Bright Brewery Bursary for Bright Coworking
The Bright Brewery Bursary for Bright Coworking is open to any candidate living the Alpine Shire who would benefit from the community facilities provided by Bright Coworking, is willing to give back to the local community, and who aligns with the Bright Brewery Values. Nominations can be made by an individual or a group, on behalf of themselves or someone else.

Bright Brewery was founded on its values of being Active, Sustainable, and Authentic. These values are the heart and soul of our business.
Bright Brewery is an independent craft brewery that cares about crafting genuine products from natural ingredients; playing our part to protect the beautiful environment that surrounds us; and encouraging active lifestyles that connect you with the outdoors; all celebrated with great beer experiences. We strive to ensure all our business operations and relationships are authentic, sustainable and active, underpinning the long term future and success of Bright Brewery, our team, and the local community.

The $500 bursary will be given to a selected candidate based on the answers provided to the following questions and can be used for membership or casual-use at Bright Coworking.

Entries close at 5pm on Friday, November 29, 2019. All entries are confidential. The Bright Brewery Bursary for Bright Coworking recipient will be selected by representatives from Bright Coworking and Bright Brewery and announced at the Bright Brewery Industry Night on Wednesday, Dec 4, 2019.
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