2019 Canada Fruit Festival Volunteer Program
Hi! Welcome to the Canada Fruit Festival Volunteer Program, and thanks for offering to help make 2019 the most amazing year yet!

We will be reviewing and processing all applications between May 1st-May 14th.


To apply to be a volunteer at the Canada Fruit Festival festival, please read our contract and then fill out the form below.

The volunteer contract can be found here: http://bit.ly/2ET34tY

Please note that while not all questions below are required, the more questions you fill out, the better are your chances of being accepted for the role. Volunteers will be accepted based on quality of answers and video application.

Last year we had over 60 applicants who were not accepted due to low quality, or missing answers.


We will let you know if you are accepted via email or phone between May 1st-May 14th.

Please do not contact us asking if you've been accepted :-)

If you want to ensure your spot at the festival, we suggest registering as an attendee.

If you get accepted for a volunteer position, your attendee ticket will be refunded and you will only be charged the volunteer amount.

For more info on our volunteer program, you can visit canadafruitfest.ca/volunteer

Thank you!

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Age on August 9th, 2019. *
Country where you reside *
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Did you attend the 2018 Canada Fruit Festival? *
What would make you an AWESOME fit for the 2019 Canada Fruit Fest? *
Video Application. In the video, let us know TWO THINGS: Why you want to volunteer, & what past experience you have that will make you a good addition to the team. You can upload via YouTube and make it 'Unlisted' or Google Drive. Paste the working link here. 2 MINUTE VIDEO OR LESS. *
What tasks do you enjoy doing that you'd be good at and would be helpful for us at the festival? *
What tasks do you NOT enjoy doing that we should not assign to you?
Are you interested in becoming an affiliate for the Canada Fruit Fest and making up to $100 for each time someone uses your discount code?
If you answered yes, you can visit this link to apply to become an affiliate: http://bit.ly/2RqGP5c
Which of the following teams would you like to be on at the festival? Feel free to select multiple.
Do you take any medications for anything? If so, which medications?
Do you have any injuries that would affect your ability to perform physical tasks? *
Are you aware that a part time shift is 5 hours? *
Are you aware that a full price general admission ticket for this festival is $1,200, but as a part time volunteer, your ticket price is just $297 CAD? *
Are you aware that the festival starts Aug 9th at 12pm, but as a volunteer, you're expected to arrive August 8th at 12pm? *
Do you have a friend or family member who you'd like to bring along as a volunteer as well?
Anything neat or interesting you want us to know about you?
By submitting this form, do you agree to our volunteer contract which can be found here: http://bit.ly/2ET34tY ? *
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