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We are looking forward to helping you find your next rental home! Please complete the form below with your criteria and wish list items so we can get started matching appropriate rental properties to you right away.

Please note that we collect this information to match you to appropriate, available new rental homes. We do not disclose personal information to 3rd parties (property owners or property managers) without your express prior written consent.

Discrimination sucks, and we don't do that here at Virtual Squirrel. We won't judge you for your choices or for who you are as a person. We will support you to find the best rental home available in the shortest time possible.

We will find 20 (or more) listings for you for the price you have paid. If more than a month goes by and we have not found a minimum of 20 relevant listings for you, we will keep searching until we do. We understand that some criteria are difficult to find matches for, so we will keep searching until 20 listings matching your criteria are found (or you tell us to stop searching).

If you wish for us to set up viewing times on your behalf, please let us know below. There is an additional fee for handling this, and we will need your availability to successfully handle this work. The details are listed below.
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When would you like to move in? Please choose the 1st or 15th of the month - you can hash out the exact moving date details with the property owner / manager.
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It's okay to list as many places as you wish. Example: Vancouver - Kitsilano, or Coquitlam - Blue Mountain.
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You can get specific here. Whether you are looking for a concrete building, wheelchair access, a view, shared accommodation that's 420 and/or LGBTQ+ friendly, a quiet neighbourhood close to an elementary school, or a place that will accept you and your noisy band practices, you can add those details here.
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We get it. You want to live in a place where you can feel comfortable. Please let us know what kinds of styles you are okay with, and we'll do our best to ensure that your matches meet the styles you have chosen:
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This would be an additional room to the bedrooms listed above.
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Would you like a gym, pool, concierge in building, games room, guest room in building, boardroom in building, or any other amenities? Let us know what you want and how much of a priority it is. Is it a must-have, or a would-be-nice?
Do you require or want air conditioning, a fireplace, a dishwasher, a gas stove, or anything else that would be important for us to know? Please specify if it is a requirement or something you are flexible on. We'll do our best to find what you want, based on your specifications.
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Please choose your preferred method of contact for your listing matches.
Add-On Service: Setting Up Viewing Times *
If you would like us to learn your availability and book viewing times for you for relevant current rental homes that meet the criteria you have provided to us in writing, please let us know. We will invoice you for an additional $79.00 plus 5% GST for this additional managed service. Payment must be received prior to this work starting, and instructions will be provided to help us get started.
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Tell us what works best for you. Service will not begin until payment is received and confirmed.
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By submitting this FlatDashers Rental Home Wish List form, I agree to pay the special introductory price of only $99 plus GST for 30 days service (one month), to be invoiced and paid for in full before the rental search starts, to Virtual Squirrel Business Support Services (hereafter referred to as "Virtual Squirrel") through the PayPal link on our website. ************ If Virtual Squirrel's FlatDashers Department team members do not find a minimum of 20 current and relevant listings within 30 days of purchase of service that match the answers provided by me, they will keep actively searching until they do at no additional charge to me. If my needs change or if I want the service to stop before 20 listings are received, I understand that it is my responsibility to let them know this by email at flatdashers@gmail.com. ************ I acknowledge that all purchases are non-refundable, but understand that Virtual Squirrel will make all reasonable efforts to help me if my criteria details change during the service period. ************ I acknowledge that Virtual Squirrel provides a matching service based on online listings or other notifications, and therefore cannot be held responsible for the quality or quantity of the rental housing available in the market that meets my stated requirements, which I indicated on this form or will notify Virtual Squirrel of any changes in writing about by sending an email to flatdashers@gmail.com. ************ I acknowledge that Virtual Squirrel is not responsible for the results of any interactions between myself and any property manager, property manager, their representatives, or any scam artist posing as one of these people. ************ Virtual Squirrel and/or Virtual Squirrel's FlatDashers Department team members do not act as my agent(s), negotiate on my behalf, or guarantee any rental housing or other results. I acknowledge that Virtual Squirrel provides a service to assist customers with housing searches only, according to the criteria the customers submit in writing, by identifying potential rental properties and bringing these properties to the customer's attention by email or text message. ************ By typing my full name below, which is required to use the FlatDashers Rental Home Listing Match Service, I acknowledge, agree to, and understand the statements listed above.
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