ELD Parent Survey/ Inquesta de Padres
1. Are you familiar with the state mandated English Exam (ELPAC formerly CELDT)?/ Sabe de la prueba ELPAC, la prueba antes padada llamada CELDT?
2. Are you familiar with the school's class/ workshop/ tutoring schedule?/ Sabe de los horarios de clases, talleres, y tutorias de la escuela?
3. Are you satisfied with the way(s) the school communicates with families (school newsletter, school website, teacher communication, etc.)?/ Esta satisfecho con la manera(s) de communication de la escuela con las familias?
4. When do you prefer to have school meetings, workshops, activities and events?/ Cuando prefiere tener juntas, talleres, actividades, o eventos?
5. Do you know which classes your child needs to take in order to apply to a 4 year University?/ Sabe quales clases require su estudiante para applicar a universidad de 4 anos?
6. I am interested in attending the following workshop(s). Mark all that apply:/ Me interesa attendar los siguientes talleres. Marca todo lo que applica:
7. Special Skills/ Education I am willing to share/ Habilidades especiales/ educacion que estoy despuesto a compartir:
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8. Anything else you'd like us to know? Algo mas que les gustaria informarnos?
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9. Optional: Name and phone number/ Nombre y numero telefonico opcional:
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