Teen Artists for Change (TAC) Application

We are excited that you have decided to apply to be a part of Teen Artists for Change (TAC). TAC is a year-round program for diverse artists of all kinds, ages 13-18, who want to make an impact in their community. Each year, we award scholarships to a number of teens to cover the full cost of the program (valued at $1,500). In exchange, you are asked to make a commitment to participating fully in the program.

We are currently seeking students for the Winter/Spring 2018 term. To be considered for membership in TAC and a scholarship, please complete submit the application form below and send one letter of recommendation from a teacher, employer or adult friend who knows you well. Questions? Contact Kailah Ware at kailah@kennedyarts.org.

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Please upload Letter of Recommendation or ask your reference to email a letter to kailah@kennedyarts.org
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