Eagle Academy Charter School (EACS) Parent Input Survey
The Academic Policy Board (APB) is attending a strategic planning session for the school at the end of the month. We are interested in parent input to bring feedback from our school community with us to this session. This is important to help with the long-term planning for Eagle Academy. Most questions are open-ended, so please share anything that comes to mind. Thank you, we appreciate your help!

This survey is anonymous and confidential.
How did you first hear about our school?
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How many children do you have attending EACS? *
What grades are your children who attend EACS? *
How many children do you have that attended EACS in the past?
What is working well for your family at EACS?
What opportunities would you like to see for your child?
Is there anything the school isn't providing to meet your family's needs?
Why did you choose Eagle Academy for your education option?
Why did you keep (or will keep) your child at EACS for 6th grade when other options/opportunities were available?
Why did you not keep (or will not keep) your child at EACS for 6th grade?
If you could change one thing at EACS, what would it be and why?
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