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We see Gillett Square as an exciting and unique public space where an incredibly diverse range of people can meet on common ground. What can happen here is limited only by the imagination and willingness of the people who make up the square’s community. We see this space and the activities within it as equally for all; and believe that inviting and celebrating difference is enriching for everyone. We welcome any expression of interest and will do our best to facilitate any member of the community wishing to carry out an activity here.

Events and activities taking place here should be
- High quality
- Inclusive for all members of our community and participatory where possible. This does not exclude activities aimed primarily at a particular section of society, but no activity should exclude others.
- Accessible – free of charge, or low cost
- Promoting social cohesion

HCD runs the licence for events & activities in the square, and a number of resources we can deploy to support such activities
We do not have funding available for events but can support applications for funding
We are keen to encourage more activity in the space, and more people to come and carry out activities, especially activities which are participatory in some way, and which encourage people from different sections of the community to engage with each other.
We are especially keen to encourage low-level, frequent activities, as our financial resources are limited. If your proposed activity fits in the lower level it will be quicker, easier and cheaper to programme in. If you wish to do something higher level, for example a music festival requiring staging structures, electrical power etc then the licensing requirements increase and the costs needed to meet the licensing requirements become really high & the planning time required is much longer.

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