ARSET Advanced Land Cover Classification: Prerequisite Homework
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General Remote Sensing Knowledge
The first set of questions refers to your general knowledge of remote sensing.
1. Healthy vegetation reflects energy in what parts of the electromagnetic spectrum? *
2. What part of the electromagnetic spectrum can we see with our eyes? *
3. What is the relationship between spatial resolution and spatial extent in satellite imagery? *
4. How many spectral bands does Landsat 8 have? *
5. What is the spatial resolution of the panchromatic band (band 8) for Landsat 8? *
USGS GloVis Questions
For this portion of the homework, you will need to visit the GloVis Website:
6. Go to the GloVis website ( What other imagery besides Landsat can you obtain? *
7. When you download Landsat imagery from GloVis, you obtain multiple .TIF files and each one is slightly different. What is the significance of the end of each file name? *
QGIS Knowledge
For this portion of the homework, please refer to the prerequisite exercise. You will also need to open and explore QGIS.
8. Once you install the Semi-Classification Plugin, a tool bar appears across the top of the QGIS window. What are 3 items that you can show or hide (click on or off)? *
9. When you click on the layer properties of the California shapefile what are three of the categories? *
10. What are the types of maps in the OpenLayersPlugin? *
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