GAGC Mini Grant Application
Please read and review the following information carefully. Mini-grants are available to teachers and local affiliate chapters of GAGC. Teacher mini-grants are intended to fund special learning experiences which would not otherwise be available for gifted students, such as speakers, events, or special projects related to chapter goals. Such projects may be part of a local organizing group's efforts to form a local chapter. (Maximum grant award is $500.)

Open dates: October 3, 2021 - November 28, 2021

The applicant/s must:
1) Be a member of GAGC
2) Not have received a GAGC mini grant within the past two school years
3) Present the project or its results at the next annual GAGC convention

Information submitted shall include:
1) Complete the information below. Print out the signed statement of understanding of conditions and the completed information from #2 to #8 and submit it electronically in one document to

2) A statement of purpose which:
a) Describes the situation, need, or conditions which prompted this request
b) States and explains the applicant's reasons for undertaking the activity, i.e., rationale and need

3) Goals of the project which:
a) Are supported by a measurable objective(s)
b) Reflect the benefit participants will receive from the project

4) A procedural outline of the activity including:
a) Timeline showing steps and evaluation checks
b) The relationship of steps or phases to the stated goals and objectives

5) Evaluation methods to be used in determining the success of the project and the achievement of stated goals

6) Resource people who will be assisting in the implementation of the project
(List each person's name, position/title, address, phone number.)

7) Resource materials, descriptions to include:
a) Item name, vendor name, estimated cost
b) Use in the project

8) Detailed budget (example categories listed):
a) Supplies
b) Resource materials/equipment
c) Honoraria
d) Miscellaneous costs
e) Total cost

9) Payment of grant - indicate how you would need for the funds to be applied:
(1) Payment directly to vendor(s) by purchase order request (GAGC form to be provided)
(2) Payment to a school account by purchase order request (GAGC form to be provided)
(3) Reimbursement of expenses (GAGC form to be provided - receipts required)

**Note: The grant will not pay registration, travel, or lodging expenses for conferences or training sessions.

In addition to the financial award, recipients will receive a complimentary registration to this year’s GAGC convention, and recognition on the GAGC website.

All documentation must be submitted via email to by November 28, 2021.

Funds must be used by August 31, 2022. If special circumstances arise that prevent the recipient from utilizing the award prior to this deadline, contact the GAGC Executive Assistant. Changes in this deadline must be approved by the GAGC Executive Board.
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If awarded a mini-grant for this project, I agree to present the content and results of the project at the next GAGC Annual Conference. I also understand that receipts from all purchases and expenses will be submitted to the GAGC treasurer at the completion of the project. Furthermore, I certify that all information presented in this application is accurate and complete.
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