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We are a group car dealer tv show and media blast system. View our sample site at autodealstvshow.com. Our specialists have helped Car Dealers target, attract and convert new customers and surpass the global pandemic slump by recording 3x to 6x ROAS (Return On Ad Spending) in three months via NPDI’s (New Product Development Introduction) performance marketing efforts. A 40% reduction in cost per sale and a 141% increase in conversion rates were other wins. This survey will reveal what is important to you and your clients and help us tailor the show and offer to dealers throughout the US. Text 954-489-8802 with any questions or call 888-49-DEALS.
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Question 1. In your opinion, when you spend on advertising do you notice more customers coming into your store? If so, what type is the best form of advertising that works for you?
Question 2. Can you describe the major of demographics of your clients? More male or female? Ages 25-65 or what ages? Incomes of 20k-55k? Or 75k and up? Education ? We want to target those most likely to buy. *
Question 3. We're planning on advertising auto dealers' inventory with models on local TV and national TV, Phase One begins with Amazon Fire TV and Roku TV, social media advertising blasts and press releases to 250+ news outlets (articles). Does this interest you if it is affordable ? We are offering this free for the first 3 weeks for selected dealers and then monthly for $65. Is affordable on a monthly basis without being too inexpensive to infer low quality? *
Question 4. Do you advertise with Google pay per click? If so, how much do you spend per month? *
Question 5. How much do you spend on your website per month? *
Question 6. Do you spend for advertising in flyer / magazines ? If so, which magazines and how much do you spend per month? *
Question 7. Do you spend for advertising in social media ? If so, what type of social media (ie. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc) and how much do you spend per month? *
Question 8. Do you spend for advertising on tv ? If so, which channels and how much do you spend per month? *
Question 9. Do you spend for advertising on radio ? If so, which channels and how much do you spend per month? *
Question 10. We will offer free vacations to your customers who buy and also you top salespeople for free. No timeshare attendance is required. Would you like to try it? *
Question 11. Would you like to join a group of auto dealers to advertise on tv and social media? This way it is more affordable for dealers. Our show is called the Auto Deals TV Show. This will advertise your inventory (copy paste this link in a browser https://autodealstvshow.com/dealers-list/) every week on 24/7 on Roku and Amazon Fire TV, major social media and 250+ news outlets. Phase One is free for 3 weeks then $65 per month. Just send us your auto photos, your logo and auto descriptions and total prices and per month and we will air it on Roku TV, Amazon Fire TV and all social media. We need a small bio from you for the article which will be distributed to the news media outlets (see sample copy paste this link to view one of our articles released https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jCv__qS_Zj-6qOxeXI9B6gk8uFPohWtW/view?usp=sharing. You can choose to stay on Phase One forever or choose Phase Two which includes everything in phase one and national and local tv exposure starting at $299 per month. We want to make it affordable for the dealers. Do you think this is doable for you? *
Ok, time to think outside the box. Question 12. A) If we had a system which allowed for a flow of leads and appointments per month would that be interesting? How much would that cost? B) And would you be interested in a follow-up system to bring customers back to your showroom? How much would that cost? C) Would you be interested in a program that targeted your current clients with your inventory and how much would that be? D) If we created social events with your dealer name as a sponsor would that be interesting and if so, what would be the budget? *
Question 13. Suggestions for improvement
Question 14. Thanks so much for taking the survey. Would you like a free gift and would you like to schedule a brief teleconference to discuss the offer?
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Question 16. Name of Dealership
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Question 18. Street Address, City, State, Zip
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