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As you might know, AIMUN is the committee that organises trips to Model United Nations conferences around Europe. The board chooses the MUNs we go to and how many delegates we take, prepares the delegates for the conferences, makes the travel plans for the delegates and usually at least 1 board member also goes to the conference. Besides, we organise many smaller trips and events throughout the year too!

Currently, we are looking for new members to join the 2020/2021 board! We are looking for a secretary, a treasurer and an event coordinator.

As the Secretary you will be maintaining the AiMUN email, taking minutes, keeping the board up to date on all incoming communication, and managing most communication to external parties.

As the Treasurer you'll be responsible for updating our current annual budget and eventually making a new one for the next board. You will also have a substantive role in planning the trips to MUN-conferences as you'll be the person who finds good options for accommodation and travelling and books them. Overall, you'll be the number one person responsible for any transactions needed for those trips or for our other events.

As the Event Coordinator you will take charge of organizing AIMUN events outside of the conferences we go to. In the past this has included lectures, workshops, borrels and smaller trips, but it is up to the Event Manager in collaboration with the rest of the board to decide what kind of events to do this year! The goal of these events are to create a community of MUN enthusiasts at AUC!

Note: No MUN experience required!

Deadline: 31 May 2020, 23.59.

We're looking forward to hearing from you & feel free to contact us via FB, email or other social media platforms for questions!
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