Love & Hope Club
Hello,You have been so blessed to have someone show this too you! is a 6.00 a month monthly way for you to earn.

Your membership will include many free products for you and your family. We can do it by US Mail or by online processors.. Has you share your link with others, and they join and get the 6.00 membership you earn 2.00 of that right then. It is added to your back office at the website Everyone must pay this at lease one time to be a member. Then the monthly is optional. You earn on your people above and beyond the 20.00 system we have here. For example. You share this with 10, 20, or 50 members you are paid each month on the monthly 6.00 subscription has long as you are active. You pull the funds each month from your back office and you are always earning. You also use these funds to advertise on the site.

Your earnings here are unlimited. Share this with everyone you can.

Here is how this works. You pay the system $6.00 to become a member. Your sponsor gets $2.00 of that right then and each month you remain active.. Then we will email you from the the name of the member you will always be sharing with. So you share 20.00 with that person by US mail or by online processor right then or put in mail that day or for sure the next.

Then after they advise us they received from you then you can start sharing your link. Your first three members will be given to you to share with you. Then any more you share this with will go to the team.

The moment you get 3 shares of 20.00 for total of 60.00 You keep 20.00 and right then, no waiting share 40.00 with the same wonderful person the Love & Hope system gave you.

The Moment you get 3 shares of 40.00 for total of 120.00 You keep 20.00 and share $100.00 with the same person that you shared with before and always.

The Moment you get 3 shares of 100.00 for a total of 300.00 you keep 200.00 and Share 100.00 with the same person that you shared with before and then for now on.

Here are ways you may pay your $6.00.

1. US mail
2. STP ID luckylady3636
3. Pay Pal ID
4. Google Wallet
5. Blue Bird Card

Then you will be emailed from the name of the person you are to share $20.00 with.

There will be a spreadsheet. You will have access after you pay the person that the monitor gives you and you have invited at least 2 others. You will be given to your invitee unless they already have 3 people sharing with them. If so then you will be given to one of their 3 that does not have their 3 yet. Get your 3 ASAP!!!

Please contact people you know around you in your town. Your neighbor, Family, Clerk at the store, or anyone. We want to help real everyday people that have no idea that there are people out here that wants to help them.

Then after your invitee or the person we give you to if your invitee already has 3 members and that person has advised us that you have shared $20.00 with them then you are on your way. Many ask how will this be different. We are monitoring it at all times. No one can participate unless they send the the 6.00 and share $20.00 with their invitee or the one we give them. Do not share till we notify you. Just get your 6.00 in asap so you are in.

Love & Hope club is here for you to be shared with each week helping make life easier for you and your family. And in time take another spot to have more shared with you. If you find more than 3 then help your 3 get their 3. Nice and easy..

Love & Hope for all here!!!
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Your invitees name
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How you have sent your 6.00 membership fee. Include copy of full receipt. You will get access to spread sheet in a few days. Put nothing in the notes in the pay processor or it will be returned to you and you will not be able to join. You will also have access to a phone number you can call that will explain this too you.
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I agree that the 6.00 is monthly and I understand it is optional, but that I will not earn the 2.00 from those i bring in unless I am active by paying the 6.00 each month on my anniversary date that I joined.
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Your phone number. Can you receive text?
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What state do you live in?
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By filling out this form you are agreeing to these things. You agree everything is non refundable. You agree that you will help find your own people to participate. You agree that your success here is up to your participation.
You also agree to do this and you may take up to 3 spots. You must speak to these people. Email those you know. These will be very lucky people you are contacting. They can be your neighbor, your family, your co worker. We are people coming together to share. We are creating our own security and future by sharing. Follow the plan and the plan will work for you and everyone here!!!
We can do this!!!
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