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Thief or modern day Robin Hood? Recruited by the FBI to investigate the theft of a Van Gogh, Vivianne Faulks must work with a man who blurs the lines between the legal and illegal sale of art. As she's drawn further into the world of illegal art auctions and international crime, the case threatens to uncover Faulks’ family secrets long buried since World War II. Not to mention, her enigmatic partner might be the very thief she's been sent to catch. When her life's put on the line, Vivianne no longer cares about recovering the stolen Van Gogh. With each twist and turn, she's simply trying to stay alive.

What early reviewers are saying:
"This author is always one upping her game with each book she writes, the Starling is no different. I love a good mystery and this one definitely captured me from start to finish."~Christie

"Every book Ellie writes is better than the one before.
This spellbinding story is no different."~Angel

"WOW! I loved The Starling! Viv and Paul are both great characters with amazing talents. Once I started reading I literally could not stop. "~Erika

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The Starling by Ellie Masters
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