A-Kon 2019 Main Cosplay Contest Application
The Main A-Kon Cosplay Contest will be held Saturday, June 29, 2019.
Pre-con sign-ups close on May 4, 2019 at midnight, or once all spots have been filled.

Please read the Cosplay Contest Rules before entering at: https://www.a-kon.com/cosplay-contests/#main-contest

♫ Skit audio and scripts are due no later than May 4, 2019. No music will be accepted on-site! Submissions must be sent in MP3 format to the e-mail listed below for approval. It must be cut to length. ♫

You will be e-mailed a confirmation within 72 hours. Please do NOT submit your entry more than once. If you need to make changes to your entry, have questions, or do not hear back from us within the 72 hour window, please email us directly at cosplay@a-kon.com.
By entering this contest I agree to read and abide by all rules as listed. I acknowledge that failure to do so may result in my disqualification from the contest, and I confirm that I have read and understand the A-Kon 2019 Cosplay Contest Rules. *
E-mail address *
E-mail address you check frequently.
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Entry Type. *
Walk-Ons will be given 30 SECONDS on stage. Skit entries will be given up to 3 minutes on stage; but are not required to use the full time. Skit Audio must be emailed in MP3 format (cut to size) with a script or video for approval by May 4th.
Skill Level *
Skits have the option to skip craftsmanship judging. Please either select that you will skip it, or select your appropriate level. For Novice, Journeyman, or Master categories 75% of cosplay must be constructed or altered by the entrant. Those who opt to skip the craftsmanship judging must still check in on-site. WALK ONS MAY NOT SKIP CRAFTSMANSHIP JUDGING.
Number of Entrants *
The group limit is 8 members, including handlers and stage ninjas.
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Legal Names. *
Real first and last name. Please separate group names with a comma. The first name listed for the group will be used for the entry.
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Stage Name.
If left blank, you will be called by your first name on stage.
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What character(s) are you cosplaying? *
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What show/series did your character(s) originate from? *
English names preferred.
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Preferred Prejudging Time Slot? *
Please chose a preferred time slot for your pre-judging. You will receive an email with confirmation of your slot, but if your preferred slot is filled you will be asked to choose another. Judging will be restricted to 2 minutes per person, and entrants may arrive for judging any time within the confirmed time slot. Additional time slots will be available on site or communicated through e-mail. Failure to check-in for your time slot before the Cosplay Table closes may result in you losing your judging time to someone on the waitlist. Those with heavy armor, makeup, etc, will be given Saturday priority, so please choose wisely.
Please list any awards won with this costume. *
Failure to inform staff or judges of any previously won awards in this costume will result in disqualification and/or banning from A-Kon Cosplay Contests.
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