Lead with Faith Launch Team
What a joy that you would consider joining the launch team for Lead with Faith. As you know, Sarah is on a mission to teach masses, and this project was most definitely directed by the Holy Spirit. Sarah's most fervent desire is for this message to land for you where you need it, and she is honored you are interested in being an early reader and supporter of the Lead with Faith message. Welcome to the launch team, friends!

As a Lead with Faith Launch Team Member, you will gain early access to an electronic copy of the book, promotional graphics with inspiring messages, access to electronic resources that will roll out in the next several months, and Sarah will send you a gift in the mail in appreciation for your support.

Here is what you are committing to as a launch team member.

1. Lead with Faith will launch the first week in January. Prior to that, Sarah will send you an electronic copy of the complete book. This document is not to be shared with anyone as it is copyrighted, and you are allowed exclusive access as part of the launch team. How exciting is that?
2. You will receive access to a drive with graphics to share as you read the message and are encouraged to share them as you read on social media, tagging Sarah and using the #LeadwithFaith hashtag.
3. You commit to providing an Amazon and/or Goodreads review of the book, helping others to come to the message.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of this important team in helping Sarah's message land where it needs to. Blessings, friends!
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Thank you for joining the Lead with Faith Launch Team!
Your support to share the mission in this message matters more than you could know.

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