Jinjurly Podfic Submission
Please use this form to submit podfic to the Jinjurly podfic archive. You can only submit your own work, do not submit other people's podfics for them unless they have agreed you can do so.
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Guidelines & Help
If you'd like to submit many podfics at once, please email us a spreadsheet (google sheets or a file that can be opened with open source software) to jinjurlymods@squidge.org with all the relevant information requested in this form. If you do this, please DO NOT also fill out this form. If possible, when submitting multiple podfics please upload all the files as one online folder/directory, so we can download them all in one go.

Here is a template you can use: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rIE1oaWQSPeJqA_rOBZ0x_fj_PJ3U-NFov4BRqQKpnw/edit?usp=sharing.

We don't host or display cover art so there's no need to send us a file or link to it. We're happy to credit the cover artist and can add a link to where it can be viewed instead, if it's been posted separately from the podfic on another website.

Please allow for a few days to pass before your submission can be published, especially if you're submitting several works at once. We're a small team of volunteers with real world jobs, and we're currently busy with restoring missing files and other necessary maintenance jobs around the archive. We promise we'll get to your submission(s) as soon as we can.

If you have any other questions about this form or the process, please contact us at jinjurlymods@squidge.org.
Podficcer Name(s) *
That's you (and your collaborators, if any) - as you wish to be listed. You may archive podfic anonymously - just note name as anonymous. If you have more than one username please email us to discuss whether you want these used for different fandoms, or whether one name for all your entries is okay, and which one.
Podficcer email address *
In case we have questions, how can we contact you?
Where should podfic feedback be directed? *
This can be either an email address or a URL of a story, work, or personal journal entry. If you are archiving your work anonymously and/or have no way to receive feedback, just type in "none" to fill the form.
Podfic Title *
Fandom(s) *
List the fandom for your podfics. If multiple fandoms, enter all. If this is a fusion (like an SGA work that features Sentinels), you should list only the fandom the work is based in. So, in the example you would only submit SGA.
Relationship(s) *
Please list all main romantic relationships in the podfic. If there are no romantic relationships, please input "gen" and we will post it as such.
If this podfic is in any other language than English, please indicate what language it is in.
Length of recording & File Size *
Please list as hours, minutes, seconds (HH:MM:SS), and the size in Megabytes. Make sure to include file information for all files if you are submitting multiple files (MP3, M4B, WAV, etc).
Text version of author name(s) *
This can be your name if you are the text author, can be anonymous/orphaned if the author is not known, or whatever the name the author(s) used on the text version of the work.
If a text version exists and is publically available, what is that URL? *
If a text version exists and is publicly accessible online, put a link to it here. When leaving URLs, please use permanent links like from AO3 instead of personal journals or homepages if at all possible. If no text version exists, just type "none" into the field to fill the form.
Is this work part of a series?
If your podfic is part of a series (like Sheafrotherdon's "A Farm in Iowa" verse) please indicate what the series is, so that it may be grouped with other podfics for that same series for people listening in order.
Cover artist
If your file(s) are tagged with a cover in the metadata, please say who made the cover. If you made the cover, that's you. (Includes any kind of cover art, including all-text covers.) Please note that the Jinjurly Audiofic Archive will not host or display the cover art for your podfic - see the guidelines above. We're happy to link to the cover art post on another website, if there's a way to leave feedback for the artist. Please add the link to your response in this field.
How are you sending the file? *
Note that for multiple podfic submissions, it's better to use a spreadsheet rather than this form - see the guidelines above.
Here's my file(s)!
PLEASE ALWAYS SUBMIT AN MP3. Paste the URL(s) to a site where you have uploaded your file(s), or if you need help, tell us in the answer above. List multiple URLs if you're submitting multiple formats for one podfic (mp3, m4b, etc.), or a link to the folder/directory where all versions can be found.
Do you have any notes about this entry? For example, if you want us to not immediately post it because it's for an unrevealed challenge, this is the place to tell us.
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