How can we improve service to our customers?

We recognise that above all else, providing a safe and reliable energy supply is the most important service we provide our customers. It’s what our customers value and expect. We have a proud history of focusing on getting this basic service delivery right. If we are to build a truly customer-focused business, we know that this commitment must also extend to the way we deliver our services. In an Australian first, we have been developing our future plans with a Customer Forum – five well qualified individuals who have negotiated with us on behalf of customers, to shape our draft investment plans for our next regulatory period from 2021-25.

This process has helped us to gain deeper insights into the needs of different customers and how different customers are experiencing their electricity network service. It has reinforced that for aspects of our service, whilst we are meeting our regulatory obligations, we are not performing at the levels expected by the communities and customers we serve. For example, arranging a new connection can take longer than expected , or you may want better communications on planned outages.


As a business, we are committed to building on existing initiatives to improve services over the next couple of years at our cost, with a sharper focus on customer experience. We’ve developed a plan for improvement with our Customer Forum to be delivered by 2020, focused on areas such as:

- Clearer accountability for customer in the way we do business
- Linking employee incentives to customer satisfaction outcomes
- Building our understanding of customer’s needs and preferences through an ongoing research plan
- Fixing customer pain points for solar connections, new connections and outages
- Working closely with customer and community representatives to improve our understanding of better uses of smart meter data, vulnerable customer needs and support for community service organisations
- Advocating for the needs of life support customers
- Publishing an annual Customer Interactions Report to track the progress of our initiatives to improve customer service

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