WAYF Survey #1
WAYF is a pilot project created to provide services for people who fit under the umbrella of Pan Asian.
This survey is to help us have a deeper understanding of what Asians are interested in when it comes to areas in the arts, community, social justice, and activism. Based on the data collected, we are hoping to offer services that will cater to the needs of what Asians are looking for.
1. If there were free workshops offered for Asian-identified folks in the GTA, how often would you attend?
2. If there was a Website Activist Hub dedicated to promoting the voices of Asian-identified individuals in Toronto, would you be interested in contributing as a writer or blogger?
3. Please check off 3 (three) of the following topics you would like to discuss in a group setting:
4. For each of the 3 (three) topics selected above, describe how that topic affects you personally on a day-to-day basis:
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5. If there was an Asian Zine Fair call for submissions, would you be interested in signing up? (Asian Zine Fair to happen in late April 2017)
6. Would you be interested in volunteering for any of the initiatives mentioned above? (Workshops, Zine Fair or Website Activist Hub)
7. In what ways would you be interested in being involved?
8. Would you be interested in participating in an interview (Skype, phone, or in person) to provide more information about what kinds of events and workshops you want to see offered for Asians?
9. Do you identify as:
10. Which age group do you fall under?
11. What is the highest level of education that you have completed?
12. Do you identify as:
13. What field or occupation are you currently in?
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14. If you are interested in volunteering with us, would you be open to sharing your e-mail with us?
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