AgroLyte Airdrop
Get to receive Extra AgroLyte Token for letting others Know about us.

Partake in AgroLyte Self-drop
Send 0 ETH to our Smart Contract Address


Note: Gwei 10 and Gas 100,000

You can Also Participate in AgroLyte Ultimate Airdrop and help get us on Mercatox, Successful Votes Receive 5,000AGR


AgroLyte ICO Round Officially Begins 5th October
Min of 0.01ETH
0.01ETH - 50,000AGR
0.1ETH- 500,000AGR + 5% Bonus
0.5ETH- 2,500,000AGR + 10% Bonus
1ETH - 5,000,000AGR + 20% Bonus

Purchase simply by sending your ETH to our Smart Contract Address Stated Above with the Recommended gas fee.

Note: KYC will be required
AgroLyte Ltd

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