Participation Form 2016-2017
Thanks for your interest in taking part in the 2016-2017 Modulo Programme – we’re excited to have you on board! To confirm your place, please complete the below form. Once we receive your form, we’ll send you a Welcome Pack containing confirmation of participation and some ideas to get your Modulo started. A Modulo Pack, including all the resources you’ll need for the 2017 Modulo Meets, will follow in December 2016.

By signing the form, you are agreeing to:

- lead an ensemble in your school or community using the Modulo Music and teaching resources
- attend the relevant Regional Meet in March 2017 and the National Meet in London in July 2017
- complete the feedback forms about the impact of the programme within the deadlines given
- comply with the licensing agreement outlined below

Should you have any questions about the Modulo Programme or the participation form, don't hesitate to get in touch with the Modulo team at or on 0207 267 4141.

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Modulo Meets
Participation in the Modulo Programme involves running your own rehearsals during the school term and attending your local Regional Meet in March and the National Meet in July. We suggest aiming for at least six rehearsals in the run up to each Meet so that your participants have a basic understanding of the music to be covered at the Meet.

By signing up to the Modulo Programme, you are agreeing to attend both the relevant Regional Meet and the National Meet.

Regional Meets - March 2017
National Meet - July 2016
Please note the differences in timings between the two days.
Research and Evaluation
As part of our wider impact evaluation work, we are looking into the benefits of our programmes on young people, teachers, schools and communities - and we need your help!

To assist with the continued improvement and development of the Modulo Programme, we need to collect data from all of our Modulos about their experience of the programme. For this reason, we ask Modulo Leaders to complete straightforward questionnaires about their group at various points in the year. The timeline and deadlines for the feedback will be outlined in your Welcome Pack. We will make this as quick and easy as possible to complete.

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Licensing Agreement
All of our Modulo Music and teaching resources are created by our team and provided to you free of charge as part of your participation of the Modulo Programme. While we of course want to make sure as many young people have access to high quality accessible music, we also need to ensure that the composers, arrangers and music teachers who have created these resources are appropriately protected and remunerated.

In order to protect the work of our team, we ask that the Modulo Music and teaching resources are only used within your Modulo and school, and are not shared with any third parties without our prior consent.

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