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Camp Kindle Day Camp is a unique day camp program for children with special needs, chronic illnesses, and other life challenges. This camp will offer a medically and emotionally supportive environment for each of its participants. Each participant will be paired with a counselor and will work one-on-one with staff throughout the week of camp. This program will help each child find positive meaning in their life by making friends, having fun, and sharing hopes with others confronting similar circumstances.  Additionally, this camp will help primary caregivers by providing respite and necessary time for themselves. This summer day camp experience will emphasize teaching children life skills through math, science, music, and art.  We believe that every camper will learn and grow through this program.

Camp Kindle Day Camp will be held June 15-19 in Santa Clarita, CA. Staff will be asked to arrive daily at 8 AM and stay until 4 PM. There will be a mandatory staff training date on an upcoming Saturday, as well as a webinar training (date TBA).

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Camp Kindle Day Camp. Please answer all of the questions below and make sure you wait for confirmation that your application was submitted. You will not be able to save and return to this application. It will take you 20-30 minutes to complete. New Staff applications are being accepted until all spaces are filled!

For questions, please contact "Minnow" at:
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Working with children with special needs, chronic, debilitating and/or life threatening illness is a unique and challenging experience. It can create a variety of feelings and questions within yourself and your life. It is an essential part of the role of a Companion Counselor to be aware of your own feelings.

The following questions will give you an opportunity to think about some of your previous experiences and reactions. Please consider these carefully, and then share your thoughts with us. Your responses will provide us with a better understanding of who you are and how you might deal with the responsibility of this role.

What experience do you have working with youth? *
Have you ever worked with children who are chronically ill or have special needs?  If you answered yes, to what extent, if you answered no do you have any hesitations? *
Have you ever attended summer camp before?  If you answered yes, in what capacity? *
What motivates your decision to be a volunteer at Camp Kindle Day Camp? *
What contribution(s) do you think Camp Kindle Day Camp makes to the children it serves? *
Please describe what characteristics you possess that would qualify you to be a good role model for the children at Camp Kindle Day Camp. *
Many of our campers come from challenging backgrounds.  This can often create behavior management issues while at camp.  What skills do you have that will help you and the campers have a safe and successful week? *
Why do you want to make Camp Kindle a priority this summer? *
What extra curricular activities are you currently involved with?  Are there other activities you have been involved with during the past few years?  Have you held any offices or received any awards? *
Do you have a history of drug or alcohol abuse?   *
Have you or are you in any drug or alcohol treatment program?   *
Have you ever been treated for psychiatric or mental disorders?   *
Are you taking any medication or do you have any physical limitations which             would hinder your abilities to safely perform any of the duties of a staff member?   *
Have you ever been convicted of, or are you presently under investigation for              any matter related to child abuse, sexual misconduct, violence,  and/or              possession or use of illegal drugs or alcohol? *
If you have answered "yes" to any of these questions, please provide details
If you hold any of the following certifications, please check and mail or fax copies of these certifications to Project Kindle.  (These certifications are not required for volunteers.)
Please check all that apply.
Volunteer Position Selection
All volunteers must be at least 16 years of age to participate at Camp Kindle Day Camp. Please note age guidelines when making your choice of volunteer positions to be considered.

Position descriptions provided below-

Companion Counselors (must be 16+ years old):
Companion Counselors will work in a one-on-one capacity with the child they are assigned to for the week. You will accompany your child to their activities throughout the day, and assist them with any needs that may arise in the camp environment. You will serve as your child’s mentor for the week, and will provide support and guidance to give your camper a rewarding camp experience.

Project Directors (must be 16+ years old):
Project Directors will bring a skill concerning math, science, art, or music to Camp Kindle Day Camp and teach it to the campers.  Project groups will rotate throughout the day and be divided by age. Project Director will be responsible for approximately 8-10 campers at a time.  If you have unique math or science knowledge, or a special skill or talent that you want to share with the children of Camp Kindle Day Camp then this is the right position for you!  We need approximately 5-6 Project Directors.  Project Directors will double as Programs Assistants, and Camp Assistants when not busy throughout the day  

Medical Staff (must be 18+ year old):
These Individuals will work closely with the other staff members who make up the camp infirmary including nurses and a possible physician. You may help check in and out patients, supervise medication disbursement, handle small injuries, gather campers for medication, etc.   You need to have some medical background to be considered for this position (example: medical or nursing student).

Psychosocial Team (must be 18+ years old):
You will help maintain harmony among the campers and staff in helping them to work through behavior difficulties. Experience or educational interest preferred.  You will also need to handle any abuse claims that may arise.  You may also be asked to help teach one or more of the educational breakout sessions.

Camp Assistants (must be 16+ years old):
You will help in any way needed, this may include assisting with various campers, conducting activities, setup or take down of activities, running into town for needed items, helping with the infirmary, etc. Part-time volunteers may be Camp Assistants.

I would like to be considered for the following positions: *
*Please note age guidelines (in above description) when making your choices on the following  volunteer positions you would like to be considered.  Please check all that apply and leave those you are not interested in blank.
Please indicate your top three positions you selected above in order of preference *
If you applied for a companion counselor position please indicate age preference
Do you have any conflict which would prohibit your full participation at Camp Kindle Day Camp?   Please note that you are expected to be at camp (including Staff Training) in its entirety unless noted here and approved prior to camp. *
If you answered yes above please explain.
Camp Kindle Day Camp is a drug and alcohol free program. If selected, will you be able to abstain from the use of these during the duration of camp?   *
All staff must have a medical check up within the 12 months prior to camp. If selected will you provide Camp Kindle with a copy of your medical check up?     *
We encourage every staff member to raise at least $100.00 to help cover the cost of their presence at camp. This will allow us to use our funds to help bring more children to camp this summer. This can be done through a letter writing campaign, email campaign, donating additional time or resources or by participating in or conducting a fundraiser.  We will give you necessary resources to help you reach your goal.  Though not mandatory, setting this fundraising goal goes a long way towards helping the children of Camp Kindle Day Camp. I understand and am willing to help raise funds for Camp Kindle Day Camp this year. *
All of the information contained in this application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.  I understand that submitting false or misleading statements on this application or at any other point in the selection process may lead to rejection of my application or termination from placement in the Project Kindle, Inc. volunteer program. *
Please type your name to electronically sign this application.
Please indicate any questions or comments you might have.
You may also contact the Camp Director, Minnow with any questions or concerns. Email-
Letter of Rec
All staff must submit one letter of recommendation to be considered for a position. The letter can be emailed to Minnow or mailed to: PO BOX 800991, Santa Clarita, CA 91380
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