Sustainable Textile School 2018 - presurvey
Dear colleague,

whether you have the intention to attend this year’s Sustainable Textile School or you already registered and even if you can´t be with us this year - We would welcome your views in advance – to help us shape the final agenda, to help you prepare also and to sharpen the picture about the current state of progress regarding sustainable technologies, processes and design.

This survey will take 5-10 minutes of your time. We hope you enjoy the thinking necessary to answer the questions!

The survey provides an opportunity to think about recycling and the circular economy. You will also be able to outline what you want to get at the meeting – but also share what you can give to other people in the community that is the Sustainable Textile School.

We will share a summary of the results on our platform

With thanks for your interest and your help

Lorenz Wied
for the Advisory Group

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