Curly Kids OOSH Vacation Care July 2020
Please complete this form for registering your interest in Curly Kids OOSH July Vacation care.
We will be running vacation care off site from the school due to asbestos removal as part of the stage 2 building programme.
Week 1 will be free of charge and week 2 will be charged at $70 per child per day.
PLEASE NOTE: This is an expression of interest form and not a booking form, you will receive an email confirmation once you spot is booked in.
There is a 1 week cancellation policy on any vacation care bookings.
Email address *
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Child A School Year *
Child B Name
Child B School Year
Child C Name
Child C School Year
Child D Name
Child D School Year
Junior Program enrolment
Child A
Child B
Child C
Child D
* 4 Spots left * MON 6/7 Chocolat’e Monda’e
* 3 Spots left * TUE 7/7 Pyjama & Movie Day
* 3 Spots left * WED 8/7 Star Wars / Jedi Training
* 1 Spot left *THU 9/7 Carnival Day
*4 Spots left * FRI 10/7 Lego Invasion
TUE 14/7 Build, Innovate & Grow
WED 15/7 Nickelodeon Days
THU 16/7 A Disney Adventure
FRI 17/7 Nerf Wars Party
Senior Program enrolment
Child A
Child B
Child C
Child D
MON 6/7 Chocolat’e Monda’e
* 1 Spot left * TUE 7/7 Pyjama & Movie Day
WED 8/7 OOSH’S Got Talent
THU 9/7 Fun & Fitness
FRI 10/7 Lego Invasion
TUE 14/7 Fear Factor
WED 15/7 Full S.T.E.A.M ahead
THU 16/7 Blast from the Past
FRI 17/7 Nerf Wars Party
Please give us any other information here, including if you wish a senior child to be enrolled in a junior program to be with their sibling.
For Week 1 Bookings only - Are you considered by our policy an essential worker or are you booking for a vulnerable child?
Permission Form
Please tick the box to give us permission to transport your child(ren) *
Signed Parent/Guardian (Please type your name in the box below) *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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