Princeton, NJ Police Department

The Purpose of this Survey is to gain insight into our community's perceptions of its police department and to gather the opinions and experiences of those members of our community who have interacted with the Princeton, NJ Police Dept.

Please remember, you may come into contact with multiple law enforcement agencies, but please answer these questions as they apply to your experience with the Princeton Police Department.

Please indicate your response to each item by selecting the appropriate answer based on your
feelings, opinions, and experiences. With the exception of three selected questions, you may skip any survey items you do not feel comfortable answering, responding to or know how to answer, but we encourage you to respond to as many items as possible.

This is not a test, and there are no right or wrong answers. Please answer each
question honestly. We thank you for your input.

Princeton Police Dept. 2017 Community Feedback Survey
Have you had contact with the Princeton Police during the last 12 months? *
Do you live in Princeton?
If you live in Princeton, how long have you lived here?
Do you follow us on:
My interactions with the Princeton Police have been positive
I feel safe in Princeton
I feel the Princeton Police adequately address crime within the community
I feel the Princeton Police adequately address quality of life issues.
Traffic enforcement initiatives by the Princeton Police meets the needs of the community.
The Princeton Police provide adequate community outreach.
General efforts of the Princeton Police are compatible with community needs.
The Princeton Police respond to emergency calls in a timely manner.
The Princeton Police solicit and welcome community input.
The Princeton Police Department is a strong community based policing department.
Princeton Police officers treat people fairly and with respect.
Telephone calls to the police department are handled professionally and courteously.
Princeton police officers exhibit a professional appearance.
The Princeton Police Department has a positive public image.
The Princeton Police Department has a strong social media presence in the community.
The Princeton Police Department provides pertinent information to the public in a timely manner.. *
Please rate your perception of the seriousness of the following crimes and quality of life issues in your neighborhood. *
Moderately Serious
Not Serious
Domestic Violence
Underage Parties
Traffic Issues
Parking Problems
Pedestrian Safety
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