2019 NASPS Abstract Submission
Thank you for submitting an abstract to the 2019 NASPS meeting in Hecla, Manitoba, Canada. Please complete all sections of this form before submitting and check over your information carefully. You can only submit your abstract once. If you have questions or would like to make a change to your abstract after submitting, please send your request to nasps@nasps-sturgeon.org.
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This section is for the lead author of the presentation, who NASPS will correspond with about meeting and program details.
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Special Symposia
At the 2019 meeting, NASPS will offer a special symposium with the intention of facilitating focused sessions on a specific issues facing sturgeon and paddlefish recovery. The anticipated outcome is one that leads to identifying key uncertainties and data gaps, opportunities for analyses or new research avenues, and increased partnerships among researchers working toward common questions related to sturgeon and paddlefish recovery.

NASPS is working on the theme for the 2019 special symposium. If you would like to have your presentation considered for inclusion into a special symposia, please select that option below. You will be contacted if your abstract is accepted with further instruction on how to prepare your presentation for the symposia.

Special Symposia
Please select the meeting theme that most represents the material you will present. Select more than one if you can't decide and the NASPS program committee will assign your talk to the appropriate session. Note that abstracts will be reviewed individually and the program committee will take suggested themes into account and group sessions accordingly. Please select a theme even if you expressed interest to present in a special symposia.

Please select from the list below the theme that best aligns with the information in your abstract and presentation.

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Main Abstract
Please limit your abstract to 300 words and place it in the "Abstract Body" section below. Also, note that symbols are not accepted in the body of the text.
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2019 Proceedings
NASPS is considering publishing proceedings from this meeting in a special issue of the Journal of Applied Ichthyology. Please indicate whether or not you would be interested in submitting a full paper to the proceedings. Additional details will be provided if there is enough interest.
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