OG Spacekeys EU+Asia by Oblotzky
One kit, 21 keys, 3 GMK standard colors.
35 EUR per kit
German shipping: 5 EUR for any amount.
Worldwide shipping: 7.5 EUR for any amount. Tracked and Insured. Sent from Germany.

All prices inclusive of PayPal fees.

You are responsible for any customs charges that might apply when delivered.
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Information about value declaration and refund if shipment is lost.
All packages leaving the EU will be declared at the correct value. This is necessary for the insurance value. If I undervalued the package, then I wouldn't be able to get a full refund from Deutsche Post should the package be lost.

Shipping outside EU can take anywhere between 2 and 4 weeks depending on how quick your countries customs processes the package. Should it be assumed lost, please contact me and I will get in touch with Deutsche Post who then investigates the package. I can only issue a refund once Deutsche Post has acknowledged the loss and refunded me. I cannot refund before this acknowledgement, otherwise the package might arrive while they are still investigating.
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