Honors Peer Advising Leadership Form (Spring 2019)
Honors Peer Advisors in leadership positions are expected to attend regular planning meetings with Mary Rothemich and other members of the UHP staff. Though each position has unique responsibilities, the peer advisor leadership team is very collaborative

Please apply for only one position and be sure to complete the general Peer Advisor Application as well.

The 2019-2020 Honors Peer Advisor leadership roles will be:

Training Coordinator:
The Training Coordinator will organize and lead periodic trainings, send follow-up emails after meetings recapitulating reminders and content, and manage scheduling. This will include about one training in the spring semester and monthly fall trainings. The nature of these duties will demand an intense but periodic time commitment.

Operations Coordinator:
The Operations Coordinator will oversee logistics within the Honors peer advising program including the coordination of scheduling initiatives, such as leadership team meetings and peer advisor event sign ups. They will also maintain the peer advising matrix, a database of advisors and responsibilities. They will coordinate a calendar of blog posts from peer advisors and be responsible for the peer advisor email account inbox. The Operations Coordinator will design surveys to elicit feedback, as well as collect and update peer advisor bios. They will also support the Training Coordinator during peer advisor training. The nature of these duties will demand a consistent time commitment throughout the year.

Mentorship & Programming Coordinator:
The Mentorship & Programming Coordinator’s primary responsibility will be to manage the interactions between advisors and first-year students. They will be responsible for pairing advisors with first-year students and guiding advisors’ outreach to those students. The Mentorship & Programming Coordinator will also take the lead on programming initiatives designed to build community among peer advisors and between advisors and advisees. The Mentorship & Programming Coordinator will also support the Training Coordinator during peer advisor training. The nature of these duties will demand that the candidate be available from mid-May through early June to make the pairings as soon as the names of the incoming freshman are released by the Admissions Office. They will need to be available throughout the summer to send emails to the peer advisors and their own advisees.

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