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Please read the notes below thoroughly, and fill in the form with as much detail as possible. Your information will be securely stored and will NOT be shared with any third parties.

1. Please advise me before commencing any session if for any reason your health or ability to exercise changes.

2. It is inadvisable to do Studio Sessions in the first fourteen weeks of pregnancy unless by special arrangement with your teacher. It is also advised to wait at least six to eight weeks after giving birth before resuming exercise.

3. All of the exercises used in my Studio Sessions are safe but as with all forms of physical exercise, it is prudent to consult your doctor before starting physical exercise.

4. These sessions are not a substitute for medical counselling or treatment. If you have any doubts about the suitability of the exercises you should refer back to your medical practitioner. The teacher can accept no liability for personal injury related to participation in a session if:

- Your doctor has, on health grounds, advised you against such exercise.

- You fail to observe instructions on safety or technique.

- Such injury caused by the negligence of another participants in the class/studio

5. Exercise should be performed at a pace which feels comfortable for you. Pain is the body’s warning system and should not be ignored. Please inform me immediately if you feel any discomfort during a session. Please also inform me if you felt any discomfort after a previous session.

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